Tony Easter – Troop Guide

Hi my name is Tony R. Easter. I am with the Eagle Patrol. I am a product of Troop 476 in the Capital District.  I have over forty years of scouting.  I was a Life scout and currently Scoutmaster. Other positions I’ve held, was assistant scout master for fifteen years. I am retired from Altria.   I love to camp.  I love to hike.  

My favorite scout memory was watching a young man defy all odds and to earn  his BS degree, and now his Masters. 

If I had unlimited time and resources, I would take inner city kids and introduce them to scouting and new ways such as skiing, skydiving, and high adventure.  

The most important thing in my life is family.

Most people don’t know that I have one arm longer than the other.

My favorite movies are Planet of the Apes and Avatar.

My favorite meal is salmon.

My favorite book is the Bible.

My favorite childhood memory is going into the woods and picking blackberries for granny to make cobbler.

My favorite band is Earth Wind and Fire.

My favorite hobbies are fishing and football.