Scott Sager – Quartermaster

Scott Sager – Quartermaster

Wood Badge Patrol / Critter: Eagle

Scout Unit: Troop 534

District: Battlefield

Years in Scouting: 9

Highest Rank: Bear

Current Registered Position: District Membership Chair- Battlefield District

Other Positions in Scouting and for how long? Den Leader 2 ½ years, Cubmaster 3 years, Troop Committee 4 years.

Occupation? Business Intelligence Developer

What is your favorite Scouting event?  Pinewood Derby- I still officiate for my old pack.

What do you most enjoy doing? My favorite hobby is woodworking though I enjoy creating things in almost any medium.

What is your best Scouting memory? Having a parent come up to me years later and thanking me for sparking an interest in his son that brought the family together in a common interest. I taught his son to play chess at a cub event and the entire family took it up together.

If you had unlimited time and resources, what would you choose to do? Spend more time at the camps/events teaching youth.

What are the most important things in your life?  My kids. Passing on my knowledge to them so hopefully they will pass it on to their kids.

What do most people not know about you?  I was not a boy scout though I learned survival skills in Civil Air Patrol while I was in high school.

What are your favorite movies?  I am a Star Trek fan mostly but most Mel Brooks films if I had to pick.

What is your favorite food or meal? Hard to say but I do love a nice swordfish steak with a creamy dill sauce.

What is your favorite book as an adult? Unfortunately I read mostly computer manuals these days.. not very exciting.

As a youth?  The Myth series by Robert Asprin

What is something about you that would surprise other people? I played the lead in a couple of musicals in high school most notably I was Conrad Birdie in Bye Bye Birdie (yes, white sequined jump suit and all)

What is your favorite childhood memory? Riding the Scoobie Doo coaster at kings dominion when I was 6. I was hooked from then on.

What is your favorite music and bands? I listen to a wide variety but I gravitate toward swing and big band.

What are your hobbies?  Woodworking, leathercraft, metal working, cooking, automotive and motorcycle restoration, archery, playing the banjo and Native American flute (not at the same time).